The Globex Focus - Latin America and the MEAA (Middle-East, Africa, Asia) Region:
The emerging markets of Latin America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia offer the world’s “greatest” market opportunity for business centres due to:

Population Growth:
  The region contains over 6 billion people (80% of the world’s population) with some the fastest growth rates on the planet.

Economic Growth:  Led by China and India, Asia’s trade with the Middle-East has been growing at phenomenal rates, up 24.3% and 21.3% per annum respectively during 2002-2006, twice the 10% growth rate of world trade and even faster than the 14.5% annual expansion of intra-Asian trade.

Emergence of Regional Trading Blocks/Patterns:  While Africa and the Middle-East are feeding Asia’s need for fuel and minerals, Asia is supplying the two regions with basic manufactured products.  During 2002 to 2006, China’s trade with Africa grew by 39% per annum, while its trade with the Middle-East expanded by 34.4% annually.

Limited Competition:  Regus is the only dominate provider of serviced offices (business centres) in the emerging markets. Hence, there is an urgent need for a strong Number Two [#2] brand to supply the market (centre clients, centre owners and operators, commercial real estate development groups, and investors) with a credible alternative.

Product Life Cycle (PLC):  The business centre category is in the Growth Stage of the PLC in Latin America and the MEAA Region and hence the future growth and profit perspectives for the next two decades are unmatched by any other market/region in the world.