The Master License Process:
Given our goal to appoint only the “best” Master Licensees and to help ensure the successful opening of their centres – all potential Master Licensee candidates follow the following Nine (9) Step process: 
1. Issuance and completion of our standard “Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement”.
2. Disclosure of detailed materials relating to the Globex Master Licensing Program and status of current Market Opportunities.
3. Issuance and completion of our standard “Letter of Intent”.
4. Issuance and completion of our standard “Master License Agreement”.
5. Identification and approval of a suitable commercial location for your first Globex centre.
6. Identification and approval of the critical path (along with key benchmarks) to achieve “on-time” and “on-budget” opening of your Globex centre.
7. Addition of your Globex site details to our Globex Corporate Web-site; notification of your pending centre opening with key office space brokers and corporate planners; commencement of the PR Campaign for your centre.
8. Pre-opening support by the Globex Centre Opening Team (GCOT) with respects to: staff training, installation of the Globex Centre Operating System; marketing & sales; assistance with the development of your centre’s web-site; issuance of centre operations manuals, etc.
9. VIP Opening of your Globex centre (with attendance by the key Globex management and shareholders).