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Globex Business Centres Inc. was formed with a clear mandate – to become the Number Two [#2] Brand of Business Centres in the all important emerging markets of Latin America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia!

To achieve our mandate, we are assembling a business centre network of 150 plus centres (via the Globex Master License Program) in all of the major markets across the emerging markets!

The successful recruitment, selection and appointment of the Master Licensees is an absolute top priority with the management of Globex as we realize that our ultimate performance in the marketplace will be largely dependent upon our Licensees (our partners). Hence, we went to great efforts to ensure that our Master Licensing Program delivers the best “Value Proposition” for our Licensees.

The Globex team looked outside of their industry and studied a variety of “world class” corporate success stories during their development of the Globex Business Model and the Globex Master License Program (a key component of the Business Model). However, of all the “world class” companies studied by the Globex team - one company stood out as having achieved “unparalleled” success in the emerging markets due largely to their treatment of their distribution/dealer network – Toyota!

The Globex Master Licensees have a distinct and "economically bankable" advantage relative to others in the industry due to the inclusion of several key elements of "Toyota's Business Plan for the MEAA" in the Globex Master License Program.

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